NI Days Paris 2012

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NIDays 2012, Worldwide Graphical System Design Conference

Join NIDays 2012, the annual event on the design, testing and control. The program features two plenary sessions with the intervention of exceptional Patrick Baudry, exhibition, technical conferences, practical work ... Discover the latest products through numerous demonstrations.

1. Technological innovations and new products for 12 months2. The speech of Patrick Baudry, French astronaut during a plenary lecture3. 70 technical conferences4. 14 practical sessions5. Series of lectures on aerospace and defense, energy, RF, medical, semiconductorand transportation6. Conferences for managers on trends and the cost of test7. A robotics competition involving competing technical colleges, universities andengineering schools8. An avalanche of demonstrations during the conference morning plenary9. An exhibition of 60 stands 

70 technical conferences - 60 exhibitors - Speech from Patrick Baudry 
NIDays 2012, 7 February in Paris 
Worldwide Graphical System Design Conference