LogBook Toolkit

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LogBook Toolkit

The LogBook Toolkit is the perfect tool for those who want to add events and errors tracking in their applications. This toolkit proposes a set of VIs to handle all kinds of events inside LabVIEW code. All events can be displayed, stored with severity management and e-mail alerts.

 Two levels are pre-configured: Standard and Error. Custom messages can be defined to add an unlimited number of message level, with its associated color.

A pop-up window can automatically be display when new events occur. Each line of the table is colored depending on its level.

 Events are stored in text files with timestamp, level of event and description. Programmers can decide to split these files in a daily/weekly or monthly way in order to avoid having huge files to manage. Each files are automatically named using the timestamp when it was created (Logbook_YYYY_MM_DD.txt for daily files, Logbook_WeekWW.txt for weekly files, Logbook_MM.txt for monthly files).

 Previously saved files can be open and displayed in the Historic window, to improve the post analysis user experience.


Trap, Manage and store all your application events