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Diminuer vos coûts de maintenance

The problem

How do I automatically collect on-site data and generate accurate work orders, which in turn are routed to the correct individual or team?

How do I valorize process data to increase asset reliability and decrease maintenance costs?

How do I use the full maximo capabilities?

UPtimizer*: The ultimate Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) solution for maximo

UPtimizer is an innovative cloud based smart asset management solution, designed to cut costs by reducing maintenance downtime. The solution is dedicated for the Energy, Nuclear, Waste Management and Oil&Gas sectors. The main functions of UPtimizer are:

1. Automatically generate work orders. For example; when an alarm is raised, the work order will be automatically & accurately generated. The work orders are based on operating data and not only calendar events.

2. Implement and control maintenance in terms of operating hours, number of openings/starts, vibration threshold, vibration pattern analysis, Complex alarms combining process data from the plant (temperature, pressure, vibrations, flow…).

3. Automation of on-site data collection from sensors to a central DataBase (DB)

What can I gain with UPtimizer?

Eliminate errors by creating detailed, accurate and automatic work orders

Reduce maintenance costs & downtime by 20 – 30%

Maximize the efficiency of your service team by focusing on assets that require “real” servicing

How much does UPtimizer cost?

We are offering customers a limited offer if you order before Friday 10th July at 18:00.

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Reduce your maintenance costs