Electronics Design

We believe that in the trade test and measurement, the software is closely tied to particular hardware and electronics. We propose our customers the benefits of study and design of integrated circuit cards and can meet very specific needs.

We believe that in the trade test and measurement, the software is closely tied to particular hardware and electronics. We propose to our customers the benefits of study and design of integrated boards and can meet very specific needs.

From schema to mounting

Our research supports the study and design of schematic diagrams according to theexpressed need. We also perform routing and completion of or prototypes andvalidate it. Our engineers are aware of the procedures used in the industrialproduction of maps and guides their choice to optimize costs at launch series.

From prototype to product

Our experience in this area also extends to the design of a product. In fact, we offer aproduct line for testing and measurement in the form of modular hardware architecture programmable with LabVIEW tool (see products ANTS and cRIOmodule FlexArm). This product line adapts to the National Instruments CompactRIOplatform or can serve as a platform for stand-alone compact data acquisition and communication easy graphical programming with LabVIEW.

NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS selected us as an "Electronic Design Partner"