Software Development

Step AT offers its customers the benefits of developments in the LabVIEW environment carried out by developers certified by National Instruments. Although LabVIEW is a programming language very intuitive and very easy to handle, it remains that developing a complete application requires some experience and knowledge of tools.

Step AT offers its customers the benefits of developments in the LabVIEW environment carried out by developers certified by National Instruments. Although  LabVIEW is a programming language very intuitive and very easy to handle, itremains that developing a complete application requires some experience andknowledge of tools.

From needs to exploitation

The intervention of Step AT engineers starts from the expression of need and continues until the start of operation.
We know it is sometimes difficult to express a need because we do not have the same technical and scientific cultures. Our engineers are mainly people from the middle with a scientific technique allowing them to be able to understand most of the physical phenomena and thus to be at ease in multidisciplinary environments.
The need has been identified, we take over the development of the application anddeliver the customer a turnkey product and ensure training in the use but also to maintain the code if necessary.
Our programs come with their source code because we believe that our customersshould not return to us by obligation.

Perpetuated know-how

Throughout our development, we have built a library of reusable functions we bring to our customers through our software. These libraries have the advantage of havingalready been proven and thus help minimize the overall time to focus on anapplication.
In addition, once a year, we take this event organized by National Instruments AUSTIN in United States to see a preview of the changes in LabVIEW platform to anticipate the needs of our customers.